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555: 5 paras, 5 links, 5 minutes, business/ organizational communication, collaboration, social media

First 555: collaboration

This is the first of many sets to come of five short paragraphs on a topic of interest, and five links you can explore in five minutes, thus the 555.

There are times when you have to say, “no, that’s not what I’m talking about.”    A lot of the current flap around social media is about businesses being on Twitter, Facebook, etc., in order to market themselves. That’s not necessarily what I’m talking about on bizcom2g. The heart of bizcom2g is about how businesses communicate internally.

I believe businesses are just really beginning to explore the benefits of using social networking tools to communicate internally.  This is a huge step away from businesses where I’ve worked that weren’t even necessarily happy about the chat function that was built into Windows NT some years back.

Even as fast as the world moves these days, it’s going to take time to prove that social media that encourage collaboration are worth the money it takes to establish them in a business.  Below are some links about what it takes, and whether it’s worth it to businesses to not just allow social media interaction but encourage it and even fund it.

The links for today talk a lot out about some of the tools that are out there–and everyone seems to focus on one.  The most interesting concept, though is Inc.’s comment that file-sharing is the mack daddy of collaboration.  If your IT group keeps your from attaching anything over 10mb to your e-mail, and people hate getting them anyway, the answer is social media that allows you to move to a link instead of an attachment…

5 links in 5 minutes:

How to use social media to solve critical internal communication issues: a research report from Melcrum – Australia.

Short explanation of five media tools in business settings: Yammer, Digsby, Skype, wikis and podcasts.

Inc.’s version of five media tools in business settings:  File-sharing, blogs, wikis, microblogging (in-company Twitter, basically) and forums.

Equation:  Engagement = share growth, non-engagement = lost billions Firms with engaged workforces have more than two and a half times the earnings per share growth rate of their industry counterparts. Companies using Web 2.0 achieve 18% boost in employee engagement.  Companies not engaging their employees have $300 billion in wasted productivity.

Promoting social media internally If you’ve decided it should be done, how do you get the employees to do it?

Does collaboration pay off?:  The Harvard Business Review blogs about the difference between good and outstanding, and how we quantify it.


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