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business communication 2.0 (bizcom2g)

Welcome to bizcom2g.  This blog was built to begin collating and linking the information on the social networking explosion, and to hold onto the progress made in the first generation of bizcom 1.0.

I’m defining Bizcom 1.0 as the space that businesses created to communicate over the phone, over e-mail, and the first toddling steps into telepresence–where businesses began to communicate visually and aurally over networks through video.

Bizcom 2.0 is the next generation of business communication–the social networking explosion that businesses are beginning to take a really good look at, but that is so fragmented in terms of whether it will be even useful that it’s hard to define the questions to ask, much less directions to take.

Welcome to bizcom2g.  It’s going to be an interesting ride!


About Lisa

Senior Communications Consultant - exploring and blogging about the 2nd generation of business communication - social networking in the professional world. How to keep what's best from first gen communication and attain the best from Business Communication 2.0.


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