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555: 5 ways to turn off your audience

Five ways to turn off the next generation, leave them cold, and have them leave you cold.

1.  Flood the Twittersphere. As soon as businesses adopted Twitter, it began to lose its sway on the next gen.  Even 140 characters will soon be too much effort.  And flooding that space isn’t going to help you a bit.  Twitter’s got a way to help you see what gets retweeted.  Note a prediction now–Facebook will fade too if it doesn’t capitalize further on the visual.

2. Ignore the visual side of the medias that are available. Shopping for major purchases has become looking at the photos.  If there is a visual element available, ignore at your own risk.

3.  Keep putting bullet points on PowerPoint slides. “Death by PowerPoint” has become a literal phenomenon, as in the death of your sales prospects, and the diminution of your bottom line.

4. Keep doing what you’re doing now.  Mail eventually floods with junk.  Land-lines eventually become flooded with tele-marketers.  The Internet flooded with porn, and the blog world simply became overloaded period.  Facebook will fade, and Instagram will implode and on and on and on… people are beginning to plead to undigitize. You have to shift as the audiences do, but that means you have to figure out when to move.

5.  And last, but not least, stick with Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In.  Skip Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram.  If you’re not everywhere, you’re not anywhere… but you can’t be everywhere. Time to move… or time to lose.